Stamp out Hunger food drive set for Saturday

Christopher Dornblaser

Letter carriers will be picking up a little more than letters and packages next weekend.

The National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) 24th Annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive will be held Saturday, and people are asked to leave nonperishable food for letter carriers to take to various food pantries all over the county.

People are asked to leave the food in a bag by the mailbox Saturday, and it will be taken to the post office and then to the nearly 20 food pantries throughout the county. Food will also be accepted Monday, May 16.

The drive: Dan Clever, representative for NALC, said the food pantries in the area don't receive as many donations going into the summer, and the food drive is a good way to get their shelves stocked.

“During the holidays, they're full. ... Halfway through the year, their shelves start to get really low,” he said.

People donating should be mindful of expiration dates because Clever said roughly 10 percent of the food is lost when they collect expired items.

Clever said last year local mail carriers received about 67,105 pounds of food for the day.

“I’m looking probably for at least a 5 to 10 percent increase, that would be a good campaign for me,” he said.

Nationally, carriers brought in almost 71 million pounds of food for the day.

Volunteers: Carrying the food in addition to all the other mail that comes in is not easy for mail carriers. But it's a job they do voluntarily.

“The carriers, they don’t get paid overtime to do this," Clever said. "They do this out of the goodness of their heart to help the less fortunate people out there.”

Kris Pollick, director at Catholic Harvest Food Pantry in York City, said the drive has been very helpful over the years.

"We get thousands of pounds of food through this drive every year," she said.

“We really appreciate the community support, and we really appreciate the letter carriers,” she said.

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