Pa. Treasury advertising unclaimed property

David Weissman
  • The state Treasury reunited residents with a record $136.3 million in property and money in 2015.
  • The state Treasury collected a record $672.2 million in unclaimed property in 2015.

After reuniting residents with a record $136.3 million in property and money in 2015, the state Treasury is beginning to advertise unclaimed property in newspapers across the state.

State Treasurer Timothy Reese

State law requires the Treasury to publish the names of those owed property valued at $250 or above in the county of the owner's last known address, according to spokesman Scott Sloat. Unclaimed property can refer to items including abandoned bank accounts, uncashed checks or actual physical property.

The unclaimed property for York County will be advertised in Friday's York Dispatch.

Sloat said the Treasury is only required to advertise the unclaimed property once, but citizens can search for any unclaimed property that might be theirs on the department's website at

The state Treasury serves as the "custodian" for unclaimed property after it has been dormant for three years, Sloat said, and unclaimed money will be put in the state's general fund after that.

Rightful owners can still claim that money in perpetuity no matter how long it's been unclaimed, Sloat added.

Last year, the department collected a record $672.2 million in unclaimed property, which represented a 126 percent increase over 2014. In total, the Treasury currently holds approximately $2.5 billion in unclaimed property statewide, according to a news release.

Sloat said approximately $2.1 million was returned to York County residents last year with $8.8 million collected in 2014.

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