Police: Woman hit gas pump, fled with baby in car

Christopher Dornblaser

Police say a York Township woman hit a Turkey Hill gas pump while on drugs and fled, all with her 8-month-old daughter in the car.

Kayla Lee Kauffman, 29, of 2723 S. Queen St., is charged with DUI, endangering the welfare of children, accidents involving damage to unattended property, driving with a suspended license, careless driving and accidents involving damage to unattended property, according to charging documents.

State police allege Kauffman hit a gas pump at the Turkey Hill Minit Market on 346 W. Broadway, Red Lion, and fled north, going toward Dallastown. When police caught up with her, they say Kauffman showed signs of impairment and had a passenger and her 8-month-old daughter in the car during the ordeal.

The incident:  Around 11 p.m. Friday, police were sent to the gas station for a report of a vehicle hitting a gas pump and fleeing. The vehicle that hit the pump was described as a black Jeep Cherokee with damage to the driver's door.

Kayla Kauffman

Police found Kauffman in a vehicle matching the description while en route to the Turkey Hill, and they pulled her over, according to documents.

While she was being pulled over, she had a delayed response and pulled partially onto the curb, police said.

Police found Kauffman with another woman and Kauffman's infant daughter in the car. Police say Kauffman's had a DUI-related suspended license, and Kauffman appeared sleepy, was unsure of her footing, and had heavy eyes and constricted pupils.

While performing a field sobriety test, police say Kauffman had a difficult time following instructions, and when she was in the start position for the nine-step walk and turn, she could not hold her balance. Kauffman said she couldn't even do it even if she were sober, documents state.

"At times, she appeared to nod off and have very slow responses to questions being asked, at times having to say her name to get her attention again," the officer wrote in documents.

During another test, police allege Kauffman's nostrils had no hair in them, which can be associated with snorting drugs. Police say when Kauffman was asked if she takes any medication, she said she has a prescription for Suboxone. Suboxone is used to treat opioid addiction.

Kauffman's passenger and baby were taken home by police, and Kauffman was taken to central booking, documents state. Kauffman refused chemical testing, police said.

She was released on her own recognizance.

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