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Police: Huffing woman flees, nearly hit officers

Christopher Dornblaser

Police say a Spring Garden Township woman caught huffing dust spray in her car fled from police Monday afternoon.

Micah Ryann Lindstrom, 23, of 1547 Old Farm Lane, is charged with two counts of recklessly endangering another person and one count each of DUI, fleeing or attempting to eluding officers and illegal use of solvents, according to charging documents.

On Monday, police allege Lindstrom fled from police after officers found her huffing — sniffing fumes from solvents or gasoline — nearly hitting two officers and another car in the process before eventually being arrested.

The incident: Shortly after noon on Monday, Springettsbury Township Police were sent to the area of Aldi Foods and Sam's Club for a report that a woman was huffing and driving, according to documents.

Police say Lindstrom was found sitting in her car near the tire repair center of Sam's Club, where she was found slouched in the driver's seat huffing dust cleaner.

When police spoke with her, she moved slowly and her speech was slurred, according to documents. When asked for her ID, she began digging through items in the front passenger seat, where police say there were more spray cans.

The officer asked Lindstrom where her keys were, and she told him they were in the ignition, police said. She then started the car and put it in drive, documents state.

Police say Lindstrom pulled forward and hit the curb, then backed the car up, almost hitting the two officers on the scene, before fleeing east on Concord Road. Lindstrom made a right to drive south on Mount Zion Road and continued, nearly hitting a vehicle head-on in the 300 block of Edgewood Road, police said.

Lindstrom drove faster than 70 mph but slowed down to a stop because of traffic at the intersection of Edgewood Road and East Prospect Road, according to police. While Lindstrom's car was stopped, an officer reached into the passenger side window and put the vehicle in park, documents state.

Once the car was in park, the officer pulled the keys out of the ignition, and Lindstrom was then handcuffed, police said.

She was taken to Memorial Hospital for a BAC test and then to central booking, accord to police.

Micah Lindstrom

Lindstrom was previously charged with two counts of DUI in February for an incident in January, according to online court records.

She remains in York County Prison on $75,000 bail.

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