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Shots fired calls lead to drug, gun charges for York men

John Joyce

Three York City men face gun and drug possession charges following reports of shots fired in East Manchester Township near the Susquehanna River's Ely's landing Thursday night.


Gunshots aroused a neighbor's suspicion, drawing police to the area. Once on the scene, officers found drugs and a weapon in the suspects' car, according to police records.

Matthew Repman, 30, 213 Hay St., Shareef Williams,19, 719 W. Philadelphia St., and Eric Wright, 21, 143 Stephens St., are each charged with possessing a firearm without a license, altering, obliterating or removing the serial number of a firearm, reckless endangerment and possession of marijuana. All three men are being held in the York County Prison under $25,000 secured bonds.

According to charging documents, the arrests came after police were called about 7:30 p.m. by several neighbors who heard gunshots in the area of Gut Road and Second Street, near the river landing. One 911 caller said the shots were close enough to his home that he was in fear for his family's safety.


A Northeastern Regional Police Department officer initially responded, but as shots fired reports continued to come in, additional officers from Springettsbury Township were dispatched as backup. Upon the first officer's arrival, the three men and a woman were seen getting into a blue 1999 Volkswagen Beetle, according to the documents.

Each of the men denied having or shooting a gun, but Williams and Wright admitted the group had been smoking marijuana and said they had just finished it off.

Ammunition: Officers questioned the suspects one at a time and, while patting Repman down, discovered 10 .38-caliber shell casings in his coat pocket. Repman told the officers he got the ammunition from his workplace and said he did not have a gun, but the officers continued to press him. They told him they were going to search his car based on the marijuana. Repman then admitted to having a firearm in his car, the documents said.


While searching Repman's Volkswagen, an unloaded RG (Röhm Gesselschaft) revolver and a bag containing 4 ounces of marijuana were located in a pocket behind the passenger seat. Under the same seat, an additional 27 unspent rounds of ammunition were discovered. Continuing the search, officers then found 17 more rounds and 12 more bags of an undetermined amount of marijuana in the pocket behind the driver's seat.

Speaking with each suspect again, Repman admitted to police that he fired the gun but denied it was his. He and the female passenger both said the drugs belonged to Williams and the gun to Wright. Wright and Williams said the gun belonged to Repman and that they were all smoking the marijuana, according to the documents.

All three men were taken into custody. The female passenger, despite being identified on the report, has not been charged.

In addition to the gun and drug charges, the charging documents stated that Williams and Wright each had outstanding warrants for their arrest. While being processed into jail, all three men voluntarily submitted to having their hands swabbed to test for gunshot residue.