Owners of two York-area car lots face charges

York Dispatch

Two men listed as co-owners of a pair of used car lots, one in York, the other in New Oxford, face criminal charges after a Pennsylvania State Police fraud investigation.

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A woman who purchased a car from Fresh Start Auto Sales LLC, 925 Carlisle Road in West Manchester Township, noticed irregularities in her bill of sale and had continuous issues with repair work promised by the dealership, according to a complaint filed with the state police.

Ronald Feyerherm, 53, of 50 Rock Road in Ephrata, and James Robert Walsch, 52, of 289 Old Hanover Road in Spring Grove, are both charged with deceptive or fraudulent business practices, theft by deception, receiving stolen property and theft by failure to make required disposition of funds received. The men also face charges related to employing unlicensed sales associates, failure to pay taxes to the commonwealth and violating procedures in regard to title applications and purchasing a vehicle from a dealer past the 20-day limit, according to charging documents.

According to the documents, the victim purchased a vehicle from the Fresh Start dealership, but the paperwork listed the seller as Barry Aughenbaugh DBA of BAS Used Cars Sales and Service, 240 Lincoln Way, New Oxford. The car dealership's website indicates the business is now permanently closed.

In addition to filing false documents, the allegations against the two men include double-billing the victim, misfiling or failing to file documents with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, falsifying or misfiling the vehicle's mileage and faking several thousand dollars in repairs to the vehicle that were promised at no cost to the purchaser at the time of the sale.

According to the documents, Feyerherm and Walsch are both listed on the Fresh Start business license as owners, with Feyerherm responsible for overall administration and with Walsch responsible for administration as well as day-to-day transactions.