New Hope Ministries investigating caller ID mix-up

John Joyce

A Dillsburg resident received a robocall from a financial services provider Monday, but caller ID showed the call originating from New Hope Ministries, a social services agency that provides services for York County citizens in need, according to a news release.


New Hope officials immediately took to social media sites and issued the news release denying any involvement in making solicitous phone calls.

"The call (the resident) ended up receiving was not associated in any way with New Hope Ministries," Director of Development Molly Helmstetter said.

The intent of the news release was to assure the community, as well as financial supporters of the agency, that New Hope values the privacy of its donors and its clients and does not utilize robocalls for any purpose.

Helmstetter said New Hope is investigating how its Dillsburg office phone number came up on the resident's caller ID when the call originated from a separate entity with which the agency is in no way affiliated.

"We are reaching out to our telephone service provider to identify that," she said.

New Hope Ministries is a social services agency that runs food pantries and stability work force development programs for low- to moderate-income residents in York County, Helmstetter explained,.

New Hope will continue to investigate the matter further and will continue to update its Facebook page as more information becomes available.

"We are committed to serving our community in an effective and efficient way," Helmstetter said.