Powerball ticket sold in Dillsburg worth $250K

John Joyce

A Pennsylvania Lottery Powerball ticket sold Saturday in Dillsburg matched four of five numbers drawn, as well as the Powerball number, earning the ticket holder $250,000, according to a press release issued today.

So far, no one has come forward to produce the winning ticket.

Pennsylvania Lottery spokesperson Gary Miller said the claimant has up to one year from the date of the drawing to come forward to claim the cash prize.

Miller said the player increased his or her winnings by adding a $1 Power Play onto the $2 ticket. The ticket, sold at Dillsburg Tobacco Outlet on Route 15, matched four of the five white balls drawn — 19, 35, 45, 59, 62 — and the red Powerball, 13.

"That player chose to play with the $1 Power Play add-on," Miller said. "And because they sprang for that extra dollar, they now get to claim that $250,000 less 25 percent in federal withholdings."

The Dillsburg Tobacco Outlet also gets a prize. Miler said the retailer will receive a $500 prize to do with what it pleases. That money will come directly from the Pennsylvania Lottery and is not taken out of the ticket holder's winnings, he said.

Miller also said the cash prize will come in the form of a one-time payment and is not an annuity paid overtime. Additionally, Pennsylvania law requires the winner to be identified. There is no option to remain anonymous.

According to the press release, this is not the first time a winning ticket has been sold in York County. In the fiscal year 2014-15, the Pennsylvania Lottery paid out more than $75.4 million in prizes to winners in York County, and contributed more than $31.9 million to programs serving programs benefiting the county's older residents.

The Pennsylvania Lottery recommends players check their tickets after each drawing to be sure they are not missing out on potential winnings. Players can visit, like the Facebook and on Twitter.

"Check every ticket, every time," Miller said.