There’s still time to register for the 10th annual YWCA Race Against Racism, which will happen Saturday.

Starting at 9 a.m., participants will take off from YWCA York, 320 E. Market St., for a 5K walk and run through the streets of Downtown York. It has become a community event, according to coordinators, and this year, it has brought York College students together with YWCA.

Partnerships: Students in Susan Klinedinst's Facilities and Event Management classes have been working since February to help get the run started.

"We try to give our students as much hands-on experience as possible," Klinedinst said. "Part of it is how to run an event from start to finish."

Two classes, made up of 47 juniors and seniors at YCP, have worked hard to help the YWCA after some key event leaders left, Klinedinst said. Students have gotten the chance to help organize it and raise money as well.

So far, YWCA has raised more than $28,141, according to its website. There are still three days to reach the goal of $40,000.

She had been talking with Jean Treuthart, CEO of YWCA, about getting some of the recreation classes involved, and this gave them a great opportunity, she said.

"I think developing that relationship with the YWCA and Eventive York is an important skill for these students," Klinedinst said. "Why not take advantage of the resources we have right here in town? Hopefully they feel we've been helpful and will want to work with us again. It's very gratifying."

The run: This year’s event will feature a Splash of Color at three locations along the route for untimed participants. The optional points will cover participants in bright powdered colors.

The powder is made using cornstarch and is nontoxic, according to the event website. It can be made permanent, too, by spraying clothing with vinegar and ironing it.

A Kids Fun Run is also available for free before the start of the race. Starting at 8:30 a.m., short-distances races for ages 2-5, 6-10 and 11-14 will be held. There is no need to register for the Kids Fun Run.

Online registration is closed. Those who still want to participate can do so by registering at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday at the event.

Individuals 14 and younger can register for $10. Individuals 15 and older can register for $30.

Teams can also register, with team members under 14 registering for $10 and team members 15 and older registering for $25.

T-shirts with the Race Against Racism event logo are available for $7 and can be purchased when registering.

For more information on the Race Against Racism, call 717-845-2631, ext. 127, or email YWCA at

Visit for more information.

 Reach Katherine Ranzenberger at

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