Shrewsbury Smart911 open house set for Tuesday

Christopher Dornblaser

York County 911 staff will head to Shrewsbury Tuesday morning to help get the word out about Smart911.

From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., officials will be at an open house at Southern Community Services, 44 S. Main St., to explain the program and help people sign up for it.

When someone signs up for Smart911, any time they call the York County 911 Center, a profile will be immediately available to a dispatcher on their computer.

The profiles can contain information that is vital to dispatchers and first responders, such as medical conditions, mobility problems and emergency contacts.

Smart911: Since the program launched in October, there have been 2,147 subscribers, according to Carl Lindquist, the county spokesman.

"We have had, over the last 90 days, profiles be available to dispatchers 544 times," he said.

Their focus is not in the number of those who sign up, Lindquist said, but getting the people who might use the system to sign up.

"It's the one phone call to us that matters," he said.

Lindquist said it proved particularly useful when a woman with a Smart911 profile called 911 and did not speak at first. Dispatchers were able to hear there was a problem and dispatch police before the woman eventually talked to someone on the phone.

“It ultimately shaved several minutes off the response time,” he said.

York County officials tout Smart911

The event is one of several the county has had, having done four similar events throughout the county last month to promote the program.

“It’s an important program, and we’re working hard to try to convey that to the community,” Lindquist said.

To create a profile, go to

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