Trooper who guards governor accused of beating, kicking wife

Associated Press

A Pennsylvania state trooper on the team that guards the governor was charged Friday with beating his wife and threatening to kill her during an alcohol-fueled attack after she refused to have sex with him.

An eastern Pennsylvania man has admitted to killing his estranged wife by shoving a sock in her mouth, taping her mouth shut and choking her because he was upset that she spent the night with her ex-boyfriend.

Police in Clearfield charged Trooper Terry Drew Jordan with aggravated assault, making terroristic threats and other crimes. He was jailed on $1 million bail.

Court records did not list a lawyer who could comment on his behalf. A state police spokeswoman said Jordan was suspended without pay while the matter is investigated.

Charging documents said Jordan, 46, a member of Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf's executive service section detail, hit his wife in the head Thursday at their home and kicked her several times when she was on the ground.

His wife told investigators he "placed a handgun against her head and stated, 'I'm going to kill you and then kill myself,'" wrote Lawrence Township Police Sgt. James Glass. She required hospital treatment.

The police affidavit said Jordan's wife told investigators they went out for dinner and had a few drinks before visiting a friend and drinking some more. When they arrived home, she said, he "had her remove her pants and underpants outside the home as he wanted to have sex."

After she told him no and ran into the house, Jordan grabbed and hit her hard enough to cause a large bruise and lump on her head, a bloody lip and a scratch on her neck, police said. He slammed her head into a wall, and when she was on the ground he kicked her several times in the back and torso, police alleged. She locked herself in a closet to call 911 from his state-issued cellphone.

Jordan was gone by the time police arrived but soon returned and was arrested. He smelled of alcohol and a .45-caliber handgun was on the seat of the car, police said. Jordan's only statement to investigators was to ask about his wife.

He was also charged with simple assault, reckless endangerment, harassment and public drunkenness.