York County Community Foundation looking for partners for health grants

Katherine Ranzenberger

After Memorial Hospital was sold in 2012 to Community Health Systems, something had to be done to preserve the legacy of the health care network that served York County.

Using the $15.6 million profit from the sale, the Memorial Health Fund was created in 2015, said Lise Levin, vice president of community investment with the York County Community Foundation. Now, the foundation is looking to give grants to those who want to collaborate on improving the health of York County.

"We're hoping people will find health issues they're passionate about and want to fix," Levin said.

The Community Foundation has the ability to give out nearly $900,000 in grants to people who want to take on health issues such as obesity, healthy eating habits and depression.

"Only the income of the endowment will be given out as grants," Levin said. "It has a permanent revenue stream, so this isn't going away."

In order to apply for the grants, applicants must attend an information session. Levin said there are two information sessions scheduled for 9-11 a.m. on April 28 and May 4.

Applications are being accepted through July. More information sessions will be scheduled throughout the coming months as more people are interested. Levin said the foundation already has 30 people signed up for the sessions in April and May.

“The impact of the Memorial Health Fund grant program is limited only by the applicants’ imaginations,” said Jane Conover, president of the Community Foundation. “With $900,000 available to grant this year, and funds available every year in perpetuity, the options are endless.”

Conover hopes the grant program will spur nonprofits to think big, collaborate and be innovative.

“This program will be transformative,” Conover said.

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