Spring storm brings winter-like snow to Pennsylvania

Associated Press

Forecasters say the spring storm on the East Coast has brought winter-like snow to many areas of Pennsylvania.

Brown’s Orchard Spring Blossom 5K run began Saturday morning with snow on the ground, but by the race's end, most of the snow had disappeared. The event was the second in the three-race Mudfest Series. The third race is the Leg Up Farm Mudfest April 23. Bil Bowden photo

The National Weather Service says observers have reported 9 to 11 inches in parts of Warren County on Saturday morning.

Officials said almost nine inches was reported in Dauphin County, 8 inches in Venango County, 7.5 inches in McKean County, 7 inches in Lebanon County, 6.5 inches in Schuylkill County and 6 inches or more in Forest, Elk and Crawford counties.

Officials said two and a half inches of snow was reported in Delaware County and about 2 inches in parts of Chester County but only small amounts in Philadelphia and other parts of eastern Pennsylvania.