State allocation for York County schools up as much as 4 percent

York Dispatch

School districts in York County will receive up to 4 percent more in state funding for the current school year under the allocations laid out by the governor on Tuesday.

In this file photo taken Dec. 29, 2015, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf arrives at a news conference to discuss his rejection of parts of a $30.3 billion state budget plan that was at the time six months overdue.

Gov. Tom Wolf on Tuesday announced what school districts will get, prompting complaints from legislative Republicans that his approach ignores a formula that was the product of lengthy negotiations.

York City schools saw the largest increase in the county, receiving $2,317,170 more than it did for the 2014-15 school year.

Three districts will receive less than 1 percent increase over funding for last year: Dallastown Area, Dover Area and Southern York County.

The governor says that funding formula isn't fair unless the state restores the state's subsidies to the levels they were at before being cut under his Republican predecessor.

He's splitting up $50 million in new money, with most going to fund charter school reimbursements and restore those cuts.

House Republican Leader Dave Reed says Wolf is disregarding the negotiated formula that was fair and equitable.

Here are the final totals for York County's school districts, including basic education funding and Ready to Learn block grants:

  • Central York: $7,345,750, a 1.65 percent increase from 2014-15
  • Dallastown Area: $8,778,526, a 0.95 percent increase
  • Dover Area: $11,296,457, a 0.71 percent increase
  • Eastern York: $7,590,885, a 1.87 percent increase
  • Hanover Public: $2,730,833, a 3.96 percent increase
  • Northeastern: $11,016,907, a 1.62 percent increase
  • Northern York County: $7,515,765, a 1.69 percent increase
  • Red Lion Area: $15,173,550, a 2.00 percent increase
  • South Eastern: $8,943,164, a 1.36 percent increase
  • South Western: $10,179,303, a 1.25 percent increase
  • Southern York County: $7,798,488, a 0.77 percent increase
  • Spring Grove Area: $10,841,638, a 2.00 percent increase
  • West Shore: $13,530,422, a 3.73 percent increase
  • West York Area: $5,909,328, a 2.02 percent increase
  • York City: $59,830,883, a 4.03 percent increase
  • York Suburban: $1,954,100, a 4.29 percent increase

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