Rabid raccoon confirmed in York County

Christopher Dornblaser

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has confirmed one case of rabies in York County last month.

A rabid raccoon was discovered on March 21 in York, although it did not come into contact with people, according to the release. The raccoon was one of nine cases of rabies confirmed in March in the mid-state region. There was one case confirmed for Adams County, one confirmed for Lebanon County, two confirmed for Cumberland County, and four confirmed for Lancaster County.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture advises people to avoid contact with wild animals, particularly wild animals acting abnormally, and to take precautions to limit contact between domestic animals and wild animals, including feral cats.

Symptoms of rabies in animals can include unusual aggression, daytime activity by nocturnal species, lethargy, drooling and paralysis, but not all animals show every sign, according to the release.

Those who encounter a potentially rabid animal should call local law enforcement or the local Pennsylvania Game Commission office.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission in the south-central region can be reached at (814) 643-1831.

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