Citations filed in case of horse shot with paintballs

Liz Evans Scolforo

A Rhode Island man is being cited with animal cruelty for allegedly transporting a lame horse to the New Holland horse auction in Lancaster County. But the person or people who shot her 130 times with paintballs have not yet been caught.

This horse, now named Lily, was shot about 130 times with paintballs after being brought to the New Holland horse auction in Lancaster County, officials have said.
(Photo courtesy of Omega Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center)

Philip S. Price Jr., 65, of East Providence, is facing five summary citations related to hauling the horse to Lancaster County, including two for alleged animal cruelty and one each for allegedly transporting an animal in a cruel manner, importing animals without an interstate health certificate and dealing or handling animals without a license, according to online court records. A sixth summary citation filed against Price is for allegedly driving a vehicle without a valid inspection, records state.

The citations — akin in severity to traffic tickets — were filed Wednesday by New Holland Police, according to a news release from the Lancaster County District Attorney's Office.

"The injured horse was very thin and blind when it was dropped off March 14 at the New Holland Sales Stables on West Fulton Street," the release states.

The horse, an Arabian-Appaloosa mix now named Lily, was transported from New Jersey to the New Holland horse auction, according to the release.

Officials from the Lancaster County SPCA found the horse at New Holland Sales Stables after auctions had ended for the day, according to the DA's office.

Closeup of Lily
(Photo courtesy of Omega Horse Rescue)

Who shot Lily? But the investigation into how Lily wound up being shot about 130 times with paintballs — at close range — is still ongoing, according to Brett Hambright, spokesman for the Lancaster County DA's Office.

The reward for information has reached $10,000, he said.

Lily initially was taken to Omega Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Airville to recover and is now at the New Bolton Center Hospital for Large Animals, the University of Pennsylvania's veterinary hospital in Kennett Square, Chester County, officials said.

Her condition continues to improve and she is gaining weight, according to the news release. Lily's progress can be monitored on the New Bolton Center's Facebook page.

Lily can see: According to the center, Lily has some vision in her left eye, is comfortable and continues to improve.

Lily is recovering at the New Bolton Center for Large Animals in Chester County.
(Photo courtesy of the New Bolton Center)

In a Facebook Q&A on New Bolton's Facebook page, Dr. Nikki Scherrer stated: "Lily is just the sweetest horse. We're just thrilled with how well she's doing. She's getting back to being a normal horse, finally."

Scherrer is a New Bolton Center ophthalmology resident who has been treating Lily.

Omega Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center is handling inquiries about adoption and donations on its website, The Lancaster County SPCA is taking tips about who shot Lily with paintballs. Call the SPCA at (717) 917-6979 or send an email at

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