Buffalo Wild Wings employee allegedly cut co-worker

Christopher Dornblaser

Patrons at the Buffalo Wild Wings in West Manchester Township got more than they bargained for Saturday night.

Police say a new employee got in a fight with another employee, and cut his throat in the process.

Clarence James Moore, 38, of 241 E. Poplar St., is charged with two counts of aggravated assault and one count of simple assault, according to charging documents.

Around 5 p.m. Saturday, West Manchester Township Police were called to the Buffalo Wild Wings at 320 Town Center Drive, for reports of an employee stabbing another employee, according to documents. When they arrived, they found employee Quanna Coakley with another employee putting pressure on Coakley's neck.

Coakley and other employees told police that Moore had fought Coakley, cut Coakley's neck during the fight, and left, police said. Coakley was taken to the York Hospital by ambulance. Shortly after that, police were able to locate Moore near the Walmart in the West Manchester Town Center and took him into custody, according to police.

Moore: Moore told officers he had only been working at the restaurant for three weeks, and during that time Coakley was nasty to him, according to police.

He said on Saturday Coakley and another worker had been horsing around and the co-worker was shoved into Moore by Coakley, according to police. Police say Moore said something to Coakley about it, but Coakley swore at him, saying he, "didn't give a f--- about him."

Moore said he went outside to the front of the restaurant to cool off when Coakley approached him again. Moore told police Coakley threw a punch at him and hit him on the side of his head, causing him to fall to the ground, documents state. After that, Moore said he went into the kitchen area, where he contemplated leaving. Police say Moore said Coakley approached Moore again, mouthing off about him. Moore said he was afraid Coakley would hit him, so he grabbed a box cutter that was on a table, police said.

Moore told police he and Coakley started throwing punches at each other and Coakley hit Moore in the shoulder and face, documents state. Police say Moore said he used a box cutter and hit Coakley in the face/jaw area. Moore wasn't sure if he had slashed or punched him with the blade of the box cutter, documents state.

After that, co-workers split the two of them up. Moore said he then went to Walmart to get a money order to pay his rent, and that's where police then found him, according to documents. When he was found he had a box cutter on him, which he said he was not sure if it was the same one he cut Coakley with, according to documents.

Police did not see any visible injuries to Moore, just minor cuts between Moore's fingers on one hand, police said.

Coakley: Police were able to speak to Coakley at the hospital; he had stitches on the left side of his neck when they arrived.

Coakley said he and another employee were "play-fighting" and it apparently angered Moore, according to documents. Coakley told police he tried to separate himself from the situation by going outside, but Moore followed him outside and would not let it go, police said.

Coakley said he and Moore shoved each other but no punches were thrown, according to documents. During the scuffle, two employees separated them. After that the two went inside to get back to work when Coakley said he realized Moore would not let it go and was trying to coax him into going out to the dumpsters to fight, documents state.

Coakley said Moore approached Coakley on his left side, slightly behind him, and Coakley tried to ignore him, saying he thought to himself, "Just leave me alone. I'm not trying to lose my job," documents state.

Coakley said Moore took a swing at him and struck him on the left side of his face, and Coakley didn't respond, shrugging it off, police said. Coakley alleged Moore took another swing at him, when he finally retaliated and swung back at Moore. He said he wasn't sure he even hit Moore and that he thought Moore slipped and went down, according to police.

After that, Coakley said Moore came up and swung again, and that time Coakley said he felt what he described as "something hot running all over," and realized Moore had cut him, according to documents. He said his co-worker split them up and covered Coakley's neck with a towel. He did not know what Moore cut him with. Coakley said he did not know what the ordeal was really about, saying he barely knew Moore and he had no idea what had angered him on Saturday, documents state.

Video:  Police viewed surveillance footage of the fight. In the video, it appeared that Moore and Coakley were arguing in the kitchen, and Moore threw one to two punches at Coakley and Coakley fought back, according to police. During the scuffle, police say at one point Moore could be seen throwing punches with his right hand with an object in it.

After that, the video showed Coakley grab his neck and run to the manager's office as Moore picks up clothing from the floor and leaves the restaurant from the front door, documents state.

Moore remains in York County Prison in lieu of $75,000 bail.

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