Couple performs arresting dance for state troopers

Liz Evans Scolforo

For some, dance is a siren's song — an irresistible invitation to celebrate the joy of movement. But showing discretion about where to uncork that joy is something two out-of-state travelers apparently need to work on.

Country dance scene from the "Hours" of Charles d'Angouleme, before 1496, Late Middle Ages.
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State police arrested Rickelvin Castro-Morel, 25, and Naomi Worrell, 32, both of Danbury, Connecticut, Monday night after the pair decided to cut a rug in a Loganville parking lot, but ended up stepping on the toes of The Man.

There's more to the tune, though.

According to a state police report, the pair were driving to Virginia from their home state and stopped at the Leader Heights exit (Exit 14) of Interstate 83 to have a cocktail or two.

"Once they finished a few beverages they proceeded southbound and realized they had to use the restroom," the report states.

They exited at Loganville's Exit 10 and found a parking lot instead, police said. It's unclear from the report whether Castro-Morel and Worrell realized they allegedly were urinating in the Pennsylvania State Police parking lot, which is just off the interstate on the tellingly named Trooper Court.

"Once finished urinating a good song came on the radio and they decided to turn the music up and began to dance," the report states.

Troopers heard loud music coming from the far side of the lot about 9 p.m. and went outside to investigate, which is when they spotted the dancing duo, according to police.

Once troopers got a bit closer, they smelled alcohol on the dancers. And that's when the fat lady sang.

Troopers arrested Castro-Morel and Worrell and took them to the county's central booking unit to be arraigned on charges of public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and open-container liquor violations, police said.

They pleaded guilty to the summary citations at central booking and will receive their fine amounts in the mail, according to the office of Senior District Judge Nancy Edie.

Police did not say what song prompted the spontaneous outburst of dance.

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