Electric car-charging station on tap for York City

Sean Philip Cotter

Anybody whose electric car is running low on juice in York City will have a spot in the middle of town to give it a charge.

The charging station, a machine with a plug coming out of it that can go into an electric car, will go into the northeastern part of the square, in the first block of North George Street, said Elliot Weinstein, a local realtor who's an investor in U-Go, the Philadelphia-based company that owns the charging station.

Jim Gross, York City public works director, said the city will get a little bit of revenue from the device, which will just sit along the curb like a parking meter. He doesn't know how much, as he's not sure how much the company's going to charge for electricity.

He said this will cut into the long loading zone along on the side of the road, essentially making it one parking-space-length smaller.

Minor construction on the sidewalk, paid for by the company, is currently underway.

A news charging station for electric cars is under construction on Continental Square in York, Friday,  March 11, 2016. John A. Pavoncello photo

Weinstein, who owns a Tesla car that runs on electricity, said it's very cheap because electricity is inexpensive.

He said with electric cars, you need to plan your route, because there's not that many places to power up, and it takes a little while to do so. These charging stations are likely just used as emergency stops for when you've had to drive more than you expected.

"It’s not a good car for a traveling salesperson," he said. "It’s not a car for wandering."

He said Apple Nissan on Route 30 has a charging station; there are a couple around the area.

But if you aren't driving, say, 200 miles a day, it should work great as long as you plug it in at home every night, he said.

"Just like you plug your phone in next to your bed, you plug your car in in your garage," he said.

He said the cars are great for the environment.

"The city of York should be a leader in global technology," he said.

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