Chief: Heroin use caused 4-car crash on Route 30

Christopher Dornblaser

Apparent heroin use may have caused a four-car collision on Route 30 earlier this week, according to Wrightsville Fire Chief Chad Livelsberger.

Livelsberger said at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 9, there was a  vehicle stopped in the middle of the road. In an attempt to avoid hitting his vehicle, four cars hit one another. The vehicle that caused the crash was not damaged during the ordeal.

Livelsberger said firefighters were heading back from a scene when they saw the vehicle sitting in the middle of the road and they went to help.

There was a man at the wheel, apparently unconscious, Livelsberger said.

"We actually though it was a seizure because he was not alert at the steering wheel," he said. He said once responders got to his vehicle, he was regaining consciousness, and there was evidence of heroin use in the vehicle. Livelsberger said the man is OK now.

The vehicles that hit one another were heading east toward Lancaster on Route 30 when they hit each other, according to Livelsberger.

He said most of the vehicles did not sustain any major damage, with the collisions mostly being rear-end crashes, but one minivan was damaged pretty badly.

No charges were filed because the people in the vehicles that were hit never contacted the police.

"They all left, without talking to any of the cops," he said.

The situation could have been a lot worse, according to Livelsberger.

"It's scary out there, because you know, it could have been a lot worse," he said.

"This epidemic of heroin is just unbelievable, what people are doing to get that high — it's dangerous."

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