2 bodies found in Susquehanna River

Sean Philip Cotter

Two dead bodies were found in the Susquehanna River around the Safe Harbor Dam within a few hours of each other on Wednesday, according to Lancaster County Coroner Stephen Diamantoni.

Authorities have not positively identified either body, the coroner said. An autopsy scheduled for Friday morning will aim to determine the cause and manner of both individuals' deaths.


Diamantoni declined to release any identifying information about either body before the autopsy, including apparent age and sex, other than to say both bodies appear to be those of adults.

The Susquehanna River lies within Lancaster County's borders, and that part of the river is in Manor Township; that's why Lancaster County authorities are dealing with the case. Manor Township Police continue to investigate.

Diamantoni said one body appeared to have been in the water for maybe only a few days, while the other seems to have been in the river for significantly longer, though it's hard to tell how long.

He declined to speculate on whether the body that's been in the river for longer could be that of a 20-year-old man who police said killed himself when he jumped from the Route 30 bridge into the river Jan. 14.

Police at the time said the Lancaster City man drove about halfway across the bridge, heading westbound, before stopping his car, jumping out and leaping from the bridge into the water below.

Police: Man jumped off Route 30 bridge

The coroner said it's not unusual for bodies to surface this time of year, when the water begins to warm up. As the bodies thaw, they expand and float to the surface.

"They become positively buoyant," he said.

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