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Police: Teen shot man at park, arrested on firearms charges

Christopher Dornblaser
  • Police arrested a man for illegally carrying a firearm Saturday night, according to documents
  • Police say the man was wanted for his involvement in another alleged shooting

York City Police arrested a 17-year-old Saturday night who was found illegally carrying a firearm while he was wanted for allegedly shooting someone earlier that week, according to police.

Nathaniel Nashawn Handy, of 884 E. Poplar St., is charged with two counts of firearms not to be carried without a license and possession of a firearm by a minor, according to charging documents.

On Feb. 29, at around 7 p.m., a gunshot victim came into the emergency room of Memorial Hospital and told police he was shot during an altercation with Handy, according to police.

The victim told officers that as he was leaving a friend's house around 7, he decided to cut through Albermarle Park, where he ran into three teenage boys near a basketball court. The victim asked one of them to use their phone because his phone had died earlier, police said. The teen he asked told him he did not have a working phone, and the victim heard someone running up from behind him, documents state.

The person running was Handy, according to police, who immediately confronted the victim, claiming he heard the victim was "running his mouth" about "Handy shooting guns." The victim told Handy that he was not doing or saying anything about him, and that he did not have time for him, documents state.

Police say Handy again confronted him, telling him again Handy had heard that the victim was telling people Handy was involved in shootings. The victim again dismissed Handy, telling him he had no time for his "nonsense," and tried to walk toward his relative's home, when Handy stopped in front for a third time, documents state.

Handy would not allow the victim to leave and indicated he wanted to fight, documents state. The victim prepared to fight Handy, and the two began to square off, according to police. The victim then saw Handy pulling out a small black revolver from his waistband, and the victim fled the area, documents state.

Police say the victim said as he was running, he heard a gunshot and immediately felt a sharp pain in his left arm. The pain didn't stop him from running until he arrived at his relative's residence, according to police. When he got to his relative's home, he was immediately taken to the hospital. While there, he told police he was shot in his left triceps area, documents state. Police say the bullet looked to still be in his arm. The officer was told the wound was not life-threatening, documents state.

On Saturday, Handy was arrested when police pulled over a Honda sedan for driving without headlights on the 800 block of East Market Street, documents state. Police say during the stop, they saw a gun in the glove box, and Handy did not have a license for it.

Handy could face other charges, but documents do not state what those charges are. He remains in York County Prison on $50,000 bail.

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