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Yorker was free on bail while allegedly running heroin operation

Liz Evans Scolforo


Christian Hogan remains in York County Prison after being denied bail.

District Judge Ron Haskell Jr. arraigned Hogan Friday and refused to set a bail amount after learning Hogan is a convicted felon who, at the time of his York City arrest last week, was already free on bail for a different felony case, according to court records.

West Manchester Township Police on Sept. 28 filed charges of drug dealing and being a felon in illegal firearm possession against Hogan, according to court records. He was freed at that time on $30,000 bail.

In denying bail last week, Haskell also cited the fact that Hogan is once again charged with illegal firearm possession, despite being a convicted felon, records state.


A three-time felon arrested in his York City home Friday with $13,000 in heroin and a stolen handgun could be prosecuted in federal court, according to police.

York City drug detectives said they seized $13,000 worth of heroin, a stolen handgun and cash from Christian Hogan on Feb. 26, 2016.

Christian Hogan, 34, of 766 W. Market St., Apt. 4, is being charged in York County with being a convicted felon in illegal possession of a firearm, heroin possession with intent to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia and receiving stolen property, according to York City Detective First Class Andrew Shaffer.

But it appears the case could be transferred to a higher authority.

"The ATF is interested in taking the case federally. We've been partnering with them for the past couple years," Shaffer said of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. "It appears to us that (Hogan) has at least three felony convictions as an adult, with at least one in Pennsylvania that was related to drug dealing."

Shaffer said that fact, plus the stolen gun and "significant amount" of heroin, make it a solid federal case.

"He would be looking at significantly more prison time" in the federal system, Shaffer said.

Mom's house raided: The York City narcotics squad had Hogan under surveillance for about two months before city officers raided his mother's home — where Hogan lives — around lunchtime Friday, he said. The raid was executed by city nuisance-abatement officers and drug detectives.

Shaffer said police forced entry into Hogan's home after knocking and getting no response. They found Hogan sitting in the living room and arrested him without incident, Shaffer said.

In the apartment police found and seized $10,000 worth of raw heroin, about $3,000 worth of packaged heroin, $2,440 cash, drug packaging paraphernalia and a Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun that had been reported stolen from Reading, according to the detective.

York City Police allege Christian Hogan had his own heroin-packaging operation in his mother's apartment.

"He had his own little packaging station," Shaffer said. "Our information was that he was traveling to New York and bringing it back in raw form."

He explained "raw," or uncut, heroin is purer because it hasn't yet been "stepped on," meaning broken down into smaller increments.

Game over: Hogan was stamping "gameover" and an image of a basketball player on his heroin baggies, Shaffer said. The reference suggests the heroin could be lethally potent, he confirmed.

"Unfortunately, a lot of heroin addicts will try to find the most potent heroin — the stuff that took them right to the edge of death — to get that substantial high again," he said.

Shaffer said narcotics detectives have recently been concentrating on the drug trade in York City's west end because there's been an increase in heroin deaths there.

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