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York-area obituaries for Tuesday

York Dispatch

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Paul D. Ishman, Wrightsville
Evelyn L. Rice, Red Lion
David M. Gembe, York
Margaret E. Farley, Hanover
Scott E. Strausbaugh, Manchester
Teresa Smith, Glen Rock
Catherine Minnelli, York
Ernest C. Lauer, Spring Garden Twp.
Clarice A, Thomas, Manchester
John G. Mummert, Hanover
Martha E. Gross, York
David C. Daugherty, York
Laura J. Edgar, York
Thelma H. Kessler, Hanover
Robert H. Miller, Goldsboro
Gerald L. Sellers, York
Earl K. Keeney, Craley
Marie M. Lentz, Spring Grove
Thelma C. Swift, York
William D. Jacobs, Dover
Mary D. Cornwell, Shrewsbury
Edwin C. Adams, Jr., Spring Grove
John Gladfelter, Sr., Manchester