Yorkers cheer on their Super Bowl favorites

Christopher Dornblaser

Around 40 people packed the West Manchester Buffalo Wild Wings bar area Sunday night to watch the Super Bowl, and with no regional teams competing, they had a variety of reasons to turn out for the big game.

Patrons filled the bar area where wall-to-wall televisions blasted the game. Many were glued to the televisions during the game, while others were drawn to the ever-popular commercials. Some were there just to enjoy the experience and have some drinks.

Rich Biscoe, left of Manchester, and Bonnie and David Longerbem of New Freedom react as Denver scores the first touch down of Super Bowl 50 at  Buffalo Wild Wings in West Manchester Township, 
Sunday Feb. 7, 2016. John A. Pavoncello photo

Peyton Manning: One reason many were watching the game was to see if fan-favorite Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning could get another Super Bowl ring, as he could soon retire.

John Danes, of West Manchester Township, was enjoying the game with his friends and family Sunday night. Danes, typically a Steelers fan, was pulling for Manning.

"Right now I got to go for Peyton," he said. "I'd like to see him come out on top."

Rich Biscoe, of Manchester Township, was ecstatic when the Broncos scored a touchdown during the first quarter.

"That was amazing!" he shouted.

Despite the enthusiastic response, Biscoe claimed to not necessarily want the Broncos to win, but he wanted Manning to win. He said he liked both competing teams. Biscoe said Manning is likely to only have one or two seasons left, so it would be nice to have him win.

"It'd be nice to see him get another ring," he said.

Rich Biscoe, of Manchester, and Bonnie Longerbeam of New Freedom react to a Carolina play during Super Bowl 50 at  Buffalo Wild Wings in West Manchester Township, 
Sunday Feb. 7, 2016. John A. Pavoncello photo

Rooting for the Panthers: Brad Fisher, of West Manchester Township., sat at the bar with a Panthers hat, one of the only people wearing Panthers attire. Fisher, a longtime Carolina fan, was excited to see his favorite team play in the Super Bowl.

"It's like the biggest game of the year," he said. "I've been waiting since 2003." That was the last year the Panthers went to the Super Bowl.

He said he's been a fan of the Panthers ever since he was a kid, being drawn to the blue colors of their uniforms.

Carolina Panthers fan Brad Fisher of Manchester watches Super Bowl 50 at  Buffalo Wild Wings in West Manchester Township, 
Sunday Feb. 7, 2016. John A. Pavoncello photo

Alpa Patel, of West Manchester Township, sat with her friends and family, having made a reservation for the table the night before. Patel said she was supporting the Panthers, as they were her second favorite team, after the Steelers.

"Go Panthers!" she said.

Other reasons to watch: David Longerbeam, of New Freedom, sat at a long table with friends and family, including Danes and Biscoe. Unlike Danes and Biscoe, he was not pulling for either team but instead was hoping for a good game to watch.

"Hopefully it's not a blowout," he said.

In addition to supporting the Panthers, Patel was there and watching the game primarily to surprise her children, Jaanvi and Suhaan, whose favorite restaurant is Buffalo Wild Wings. She said her son Suhaan is a big football fan as well, and he was unhappy he wasn't given the chance to wear team attire before coming to the restaurant, as the kids did not know where they were going.

"They are ready to kill me when I get home!" Patel said, laughing.

Zach Bowers and Anita Massey, both of West Manchester Township, were sitting at the bar enjoying the game. The two claimed to not be football fans but instead were watching it for the experience, which included wings and drinks. Bowers, though not impressed with the commercials, was looking forward to the halftime show.

"It's all about that halftime show," Bowers said, adding that they might leave after that.

Massey said she was interested in the performances during the halftime show, especially Coldplay. Bowers added that Coldplay was one of the better halftime performers the game would feature.

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