Police: Man threatened to 'blow' wife's head off

Christopher Dornblaser

A Manchester Township man allegedly threatened to blow his wife's head off with a pistol last Saturday after getting into a fight with her.

Terry Raymond Strayer, 56, of the 300 block of Bruaw Drive, is charged multiple offenses, including terroristic threats, simple assault and harassment, documents state.

Northern York County Regional Police went to Strayer's residence Feb. 1 for a reported domestic dispute. Strayer had left by the time officers arrived, but they spoke to his wife, who had two black eyes and said she thought her nose was broken, according to police. Strayer's wife refused EMS and said she would not go to the hospital, documents state. She also reportedly showed police a red spot on her head where hair had been pulled out.

She told police that on Saturday. Jan. 30, her husband was highly intoxicated and became angry with her because she had slept with another man two weeks prior, causing him to get physical with her, documents state. She said the fight went on for around an hour and at the end of the fight, Strayer got out a 9mm pistol, pointed it at her and said, "I'll blow your head off," police said.

She told officers Strayer was so drunk that Saturday night that he did not remember what he did when asked the next day, documents state.

His wife said she did not think he would actually shoot her, but was scared from the gun being pointed at her and the threats, documents state. She told police Strayer took the gun with him and he packed his bags on Sunday and left to stay with his sister, police said.

Strayer arrived on the scene after police asked his wife to call him to return, and he arrived with a bruised left eye and scrapes on his face, police allege. He told police he was angry with his wife because she cheated on him, and they got into a fight on Saturday, documents state. Police said Strayer claimed he was defending himself after his wife had attacked him and that his pistol never left the drawer he kept it in. He told police the two of them were drinking that night, documents state. Police then arrested him for domestic assault.

Strayer remains free after posting $7,500 bail.

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