Coroner identifies man killed in York City shooting

York City man charged with drug delivery resulting in death

Christopher Dornblaser

Police say a York City man sold heroin that resulted in the September 2015 death of a Paradise Township man.

Angel Luis Alicea, 26, of 735 Edison St., is charged with drug delivery resulting in death, which carries a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison, and prohibited acts, according to charging documents.

On Sept. 18,  at around 1:30 p.m., Northern York County Regional police responded to a cardiac arrest at 7464 Hillside Drive, where they found Randy Crone, dead in his basement, documents state. Police say they found three syringes and a metal spoon in his bedroom drawer, and the spoon had a small amount of residue commonly seen in heroin use. They also located a small one dollar bill folded, containing a brown in color powder, believed to be heroin, documents state.

A coroner's report showed Crone's cause of death to be from Heroin Toxicity, documents state.

Crone's family and friends told police Crone was a recovering heroin addict, but they believed he wasn't using anymore, police said.

Angel "Bebo" Alicea

The deal: While investigating, police searched Crone's phone for any clues as to where he purchased the heroin the night before his death. They found Crone had been in contact with his best friend looking for heroin, documents state.

His friend told police Crone reached out to him, wanting to do heroin, police said. Crone had told him he did not know who to speak to to purchase the drug, which is why he had asked him, documents state. He told Crone he reached out to a dealer he knew as "Bebo," identified later as Alicea, and set up a deal to purchase heroin for $100, documents state.

Shortly after midnight on Sept. 17, the two met with Alicea and purchased the heroin, with Crone's friend putting in $20 and Crone putting in $80, documents state. Police said Crone dropped his friend off at his home, and Crone picked up needles and returned to his friend's home, where they used some of the heroin in his basement. His friend told police Crone took the bulk of the heroin as well as the needles, documents state.

Crone dropped his friend off at work, and then visited his sister, took his nephew to school and then visiting his girlfriend, before returning to his residence at 8:20 p.m., documents state. Police say Crone watched football with his uncle before going to his room and using the heroin he had purchased from Alicea.

Alicea remains in prison after being unable to post $250,000 bail.

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