Mayor: Workers making progress on snow

Sean Philip Cotter

York City officials on Tuesday asked residents to make it as easy as possible for municipal workers still removing snow days after a historic blizzard.

From left to right, York City Public Works Director Jim Gross, Mayor Kim Bracey and emergency services coordinator Michael Shanabrook give a news conference Tuesday.

"Please don't get too creative with your parking arrangements," said Michael Shanabrook, the city's emergency services coordinator, at a news conference Tuesday.

For the second straight day, York City Mayor Kim Bracey, Public Works Director Jim Gross and Shanabrook gave a press conference at city hall, providing an update on snow removal and asking for patience while it happens.

The officials encouraged people not to drive when they don't need to and to take advantage of the city's parking garages, which will be free of charge for the duration of the city's ongoing snow emergency. The emergency will likely last until at least Friday evening, and no parking is allowed on the city's snow emergency routes while it's in effect. Also, there will be no trash collection this week..

Gross said city employees and contractors — including operators of a front-end loader Hellam Township loaned to the city — are working alternating 12-hour shifts, meaning the cleanup effort is underway 24 hours a day. In Monday's news conference, he said the cost of the cleanup will likely be "in the six figures."

The garages will remain free until 7 a.m. Monday. By city ordinance, property owners need to clean a path on any sidewalks adjacent to their property, but Bracey said the city won't enforce that until Monday. Similarly, while she encouraged people not to try to save dug-out parking spots with chairs or other items — "the plow isn't going to stop for them" — she said the city also won't ticket people for that until Monday.

Gross said about 90 percent of roads in the city were passable to some extent or another, though they might just be one lane.

"Normal traffic patterns are likely not in place," Bracey said.

Gross said the employees and contractors likely will begin hauling away snow Wednesday or Thursday to the city's Northwest Triangle and Memorial Park.

And, as they did Monday, the officials asked for patience as the cleanup continues.

"We understand everyone's pain," Bracey said. "Literally."

— Reach Sean Cotter