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James R. Seldomridge, Manchester Twp.
Dennis Slagle, New Freedom
James L. Smith, Dallastown
Lawrence O’Toole, West York
Anna G. Snyder, York
Wayne M. VanGorder, Dover
Ruthann E. Bennett, Conewago Twp.
James L. Schell, York
James R. Seldomridge, Manchester Twp.
Richard Stover, Sr., Dover
Erma R. Kinsey, Middletown
Carole Thomas, York
Carrie A. Reich, York
Thelma E. Measley, York
Savion L. Atterberry, York
Olivia R. Perryman, York Twp.
Preston R. Bricker, Railroad
Nancy L. Lloyd, Elizabethtown
Roger E. King, York
Michael A. Myers, Thomasville

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