Auditor General DePasquale seeks re-election

Greg Gross

In what may be the worst-kept secret in Harrisburg, York County resident Eugene DePasquale will seek to retain his post of state auditor general.

"I am running for re-election," he said in a phone interview Friday, adding he will formally announce his candidacy in a few weeks.

The 44-year-old Democrat is in the tail-end of his first four-year term as the state's top fiscal watchdog.

DePasquale is in charge of auditing the state's executive branch and state funding but doesn't have jurisdiction over the state Legislature.

In Pennsylvania, auditor generals are limited to two successive terms. As of 2015, the yearly salary for the auditor general is $158,764.

The state Republican Party announced Saturday that it's backing Northampton County Executive John Brown as its candidate of choice for the post.

In office: Since DePasquale became auditor general in 2013, the office has saved the state tens of millions of dollars, including $2 million in his own office following an internal audit and reform.

He resumed auditing children and youth agencies across the state, a practice abandoned before he took office. An audit of York County's agency, which was released in April, found the county had to refund the state $440,000.

DePasquale was also tagged by Gov. Tom Wolf to head the state's Municipal Pension Task Force, which released its recommendations last year.

Most recently he made headlines for an audit that found a now former school district superintendent allowed a district employee making more than $100,000 to take a second job that pulled her away from her district responsibilities.

More time: Though DePasquale said he looks forward to a second term in office, his focus at the moment is on the work at hand.

His office will audit the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and other agencies, such as veteran's affairs and gaming, he said.

If he wins a second term, DePasquale, a Pittsburgh native, said he wants to keep that momentum going.

"I will continue to advocate for charter school accountability and reform," he said.

DePasqaule served in the state House, representing the York City area, from 2007 until he became auditor general.

He lives in West Manchester Township with his wife, Tracey, and their two children.

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