Autopsy set on Pennsylvania girl, 12, shot during eviction

The Associated Press

DUNCANNON, Pa. — An autopsy has been set on a 12-year-old Pennsylvania girl who state police believe was accidentally shot by a constable serving her father with an eviction notice.

.Police incident

Police say Ciara Meyer was home sick when she was shot by Constable Clark Steele at her apartment near Duncannon about 10 a.m. Monday.

Bill Stoeffler, a Dauphin County constable who speaks for others in the area, says Meyer is distraught and says it was “absolutely not intentional” that the girl was shot.

The girl’s father, 57-year-old Donald Meyer, has been charged with aggravated assault and other crimes for allegedly pointing a loaded rifle at the constable. That’s when police say Steele returned fire — the bullet traveling through Meyer’s arm and striking his daughter.

The autopsy is Wednesday. The Perry County district attorney is reviewing the shooting.