Police: Man threatened to shoot former victims

Sean Philip Cotter

A York City man has been denied bail after police say he showed off a gun while threatening to "blam" the "suckers" who were pressing charges against him for threatening them on two previous occasions.

Ishene Tamar Brown, 31, of 133 Edgar St., is charged with misdemeanor counts of stalking, making terroristic threats and intimidating a witness, according to a criminal complaint filed Thursday against him by Northern York County Regional Police.

Police say Brown's girlfriend has a child with another man, and that man is dating someone else. Those last two people — the other man and that man's girlfriend — are the two who police say Brown has threatened on several occasions.

The first charges relating to this stem from an incident in December, according to documents. On Dec. 12, Brown had called the other man and told him he was going to come to his and the man's girlfriend's workplaces and "air them out" — shoot them, documents state. Two days later, Brown showed up at the woman's workplace and hit her in the face a few times, and then later drove past her on Route 30, waving a handgun out the window, police allege.

The man and woman reported this to Northern Regional Police, who filed charges of simple assault, stalking and other offenses.

Later that evening or early the next morning, Brown kept calling the other man's phone, continuing to threaten to shoot them, and also saying he was going to urinate on the other man's 3-year-old daughter, police say. They reported this to Springettsbury Township Police, who filed harassment and terroristic threats charges by mail against Brown, police say.

The most recent charges came from a reported incident on Thursday. The man and the woman were around the intersection of South Queen Street and East College Avenue when they heard Brown call out to them, according to police. When they turned around, they saw Brown lifting up his shirt, showing the grip of a handgun sticking out of the waistband of his pants, according to documents.

"You are some suckers for keeping on pressing charges against me," the pair told police he said to them.

The pair went to the Hess gas station on that corner and asked the manager to call 911, documents state.

After they did that, Brown told the woman if they testified against him for the Dec. 14 incident, he swore on his kids' lives he would "blam" them right then and there in broad daylight, police say. He did not do so, instead walking away and telling them he'd let them live to "see another day," documents state.

Brown had been free in lieu of $7,500 bail for the charges from the Dec. 14 incident, but that bail was revoked after this latest set of charges were filed, according to prison records. He was denied bail for this new set of charges, records state.

Ishene Tamar Brown

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