Police: Man spat on officer after drunken car chase

Sean Philip Cotter

Police say an Adams County man who spat on an officer after drunkenly leading him on a car chase through western York County early Saturday morning also told police they couldn't charge him with DUI because he'd made it home.

Douglas Charles Neiderer, 51, of 230 Country Club Road in Abbottstown, is charged with aggravated assault, fleeing from police, simple assault, resisting arrest, driving while under the influence of alcohol, criminal mischief and various summary offenses, according to a criminal complaint filed against him by Northern York County Regional Police on Saturday.

Northern Regional Police Officer Jonathan Bailey tried to pull over Neiderer after he saw him speeding westward in his Dodge Stratus on Route 30 at North Schoolhouse Road in Paradise Township, according to documents.

Douglas Charles Neiderer

Neiderer didn't stop, but slowed down to about 55 mph, still weaving around the road as they passed into Adams County, eventually turning onto Country Club Road and pulling into the driveway of the home in which Neiderer was staying, according to police.

Bailey got out of his cruiser, gun drawn, and told Neiderer to get out of the Stratus. Neiderer did so, "staggered" to the back of his own car and lay over the back trunk, according to police.

Bailey put his gun away and took Neiderer to the ground, cuffing him, according to documents. When he got Neiderer up and took him over to his police cruiser, Neiderer kicked the car, leaving a large white scuff and saying "I'm gonna f— up your car," documents state.

At that point "he began making a sound, as though he was bringing up phlegm," and spat on Bailey's face and neck, according to documents.

Neiderer refused to get in the car, and started making the phlegm noise again, police allege, so Bailey told him to get in the cruiser or else he'd pepper spray him. Neiderer eventually did so, documents state.

On their way to York County's central booking unit, Neiderer announced Bailey couldn't file DUI charges against him, as Neiderer had successfully made it back to his driveway before being caught, documents state. Neiderer was incorrect; he was arraigned on that charge and the others a few hours later.

Neiderer had also spent the ride insulting Bailey, and wishing him ill, police allege; he continued to do so to Bailey and the sheriff's deputies at central booking, documents state. He kept both middle fingers up and kept swearing as authorities read him his rights, police say.

When Bailey asked Neiderer whether he would allow them to take a blood sample, Neiderer held up his arms and said, "Here, I'll get my Hepetitis C all over everyone," documents state.

Hepatitis C can't be spread through spit, according to the Centers for Disease Control website.

As a phlebotomist drew his blood, Neiderer, who Bailey said smelled of alcohol and had glassy eyes, announced he was drunk, according to documents.

Neiderer remains in York County Prison on $5,000 bail, according to prison records.

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