You can now track PennDOT plows

Greg Gross

Should wintery weather finally reach York County, you'll be able to find out which highways are being cleared by state-operated plow trucks.

The public can view the near real-time location of hundreds of snow plows by going online to The program is part of the Automated Vehicle Location system pilot first announced by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf in October, according to a news release issued by the governor's office on Monday.

On the site, users should click on the "plow trucks" icon to activate the locator system. Then click on individual trucks on the map to see where plow trucks have been within the last two hours and in which direction they are traveling.

The system won't show where all of the more than 2,000 state Department of Transportation plow trucks are statewide. But more than 500 PennDOT plow trucks and more than 200 contracted trucks can be tracked through the site.

Cash savings: Apart from showing motorists which highways have been visited by plows, the technology will also help PennDOT better monitor vehicle movement and winter material use, the release says.

“This is a step forward in showing Pennsylvanians how hard PennDOT is working to keep them safe during the winter season," Wolf said in the release.

The Automated Vehicle Location system pilot is part of the Governor's Office of Transformation, Innovation, Modernization and Efficiency, or Go-Time savings initiative, that is aimed at saving taxpayer dollars by making government and its agencies more efficient.

PennDOT said the pilot is expected to save them $1.4 million over the next four to six years through reduced salt usage and better use of equipment.

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