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Police: Sleeping Windsor Twp. woman hit by bullet

Liz Evans Scolforo

A 67-year-old Windsor Township woman was sleeping in bed just after midnight on New Year's Day when an errant bullet came through her bedroom window and struck her in the leg, police said.

.Police incident

But rather than piercing her skin, the slug instead bounced off her leg, according to York Area Regional Police Sgt. Peter Montgomery.

The small-caliber bullet likely lost much of its velocity after being fired and going through her window, he said — "like being shot by a paintball."

Her husband found the bullet on the floor of their bedroom, police said.

The woman, whose name has not been released, did not go to the hospital and suffered only a minor injury, according to police.

Montgomery said the incident inside the Azalea Drive home was most likely caused by a careless New Year's Eve reveler firing a gun, "thinking it's a good idea not to shoot into the ground, but to shoot up in the air."

And such careless gun use is only exacerbated when the reveler is intoxicated, he said.

But even if the gunman had no intention of shooting anyone, what happened is still a crime, according to the sergeant.

"If we can find the person who shot the gun, we would absolutely arrest them for recklessly endangering another person for firing a gun in an unsafe manner," Montgomery said.

He said anyone with information about the incident or the shooter's identity should call 911 right away.

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