Jennifer Smith ended 2015 with three children; with the birth of York County's first baby of 2016, the Stewartstown resident laughed, "I'm done."

Madison Grace Smith entered the world at 12:52 a.m. Friday at York Hospital, weighing 5 pounds, 6 ounces. In addition to her mother, she was welcomed by her 14-year-old brother Gavin, her 2-year-old sister Lina, and her grandparents, Robert and Judy Hurley. An 11-year-old brother missed the big reveal,

"It's pretty exciting news," Smith said of the first-baby honor, noting Madison wasn't due for another two weeks.

Madison was given a blue and orange cap with "2016" stitched in it. The cap was a bit too large for her head, but it fit when there was another cap underneath it.

Fourth child: Smith said Madison's birth was the quickest of her four children. She said the doctors told her the whole process took two hours and 35 minutes.

Madison might have some sibling rivalry to deal with. Smith said her boys are OK with their new baby sister, but they were trying to get 2-year-old Lina used to the idea.

Smith said she did not choose a name for Madison until later Friday morning.

"I said, 'We gotta find a name,'" Smith's mother Judy Hurley said.

Smith said she chose Madison'a first name, but didn't have a middle name until someone came in for a birth certificate.

Baby New Year: Smith went to the hospital around 8:30 p.m., and "the ball was dropping as (Madison) was coming out," Hurley said.

Madison was originally due for Jan. 14, but she came a little early, according to Smith. She said she was in active labor for three days before Madison was born.

Perhaps it was meant to be, as she said her other three children were all born between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve.

Now that things are settling down for Smith, she said she will not be doing much for the rest of the holiday. As for being giving birth to the first baby in York County for the year, Smith is happy.

"It's joyful; it's very nice," she said.

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