Shoppers flock to stores for post-Christmas deals

Christopher Dornblaser

Less than 24 hours after Santa delivered his presents, shoppers were flocking to stores to get in on day-after-Christmas deals, or just to return a gift.

Heidi DalPezzo, 20 of West Manchester Township, loads an artificial tree into the bed of her boyfriend Gary Polomski's pickup truck bought at after-Christmas sales at Target, Saturday Dec. 26, 2015.(John A. Pavoncello - The York Dispatch)

Some shoppers were walking out with baskets and carts filled with gift wrap or Christmas decorations, all discounted, for next year's holiday.

"Santa delivered the wrong one": Kelly Carns, of Manchester Township, was returning her son's gift with her family at Target in West York on Saturday afternoon. The item, a construction toy named "Pixels," was to be switched out for another version of the toy.

"Santa delivered the wrong one," she said.

They were headed to the store to swap out the toy in hopes that her son Matthew, 8, could get the one he wanted.

Carns said they wouldn't be stopping until they found the right one, but Matthew told her he would be happy to build the version they got him.

"He's very excited to get the correct version," she said.

"I got the last lights": Jean Young and Deveney Young, of West Manchester Township, stopped into Target to pick up some decorations, lights and gift wrap.

"I wanted more small lights for the Christmas tree," Jean Young said.

She said they went to the store and managed to get the wrapping paper and the lights with no problem, all at 50 percent off.

Jean didn't have any issues getting what she needed, but anyone else looking for the lights she bought will be out of luck.

"I got the last lights," she said.

Big savings: Walking out of Target,  Heidi DalPezzo, 20, and Gary Polomski, 25, of West Manchester Township, saved more than a couple of dollars on some Christmas decorations.

DalPezzo bought some wrapping paper and bags, all 50 percent off.

"I only spent like $20," she said, adding that with the sales, she saved about $20.

Polomski said they usually go out after Christmas to get smaller things.

"Wrapping paper don't go bad," he said.

This year, Polomski got more than just some wrapping paper. He bought a $400 pre-lit tree that changes colors for over 50 percent off. He said the model was a display one and they received an even bigger discount as a result.

"I lucked out": Kathleen Frederick, of Stewartstown, was leaving Target with a Christmas tree in hand Saturday afternoon.

The small tree, which will be going on her porch, was also 50 percent off.

"I lucked out," she said

Frederick said she goes out after Christmas frequently to get in on the after-Christmas deals.

After purchasing the tree, the day was still young for her, as she had some other stores to head tovisit.

"I got a few Christmas decorations and now it's time to shop for me," she said, adding that she would be heading to Kohl's and DSW shoe store.

Frederick said she didn't mind going out, which she attributed to the weather.

"The weather's not keeping anybody back," she said.

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