Man accused of sharing ex's sex tapes to stay in prison

Liz Evans Scolforo


Jan Rac's bail has been revoked again, according to Kyle King, spokesman for the York County District Attorney's Office.

The bail revocation happened because Rac refused to submit to GPS monitoring that was being required by his bail bondsman, King said.


An Illinois man tried to extort thousands of dollars in cash from his former Hanover-area girlfriend by threatening to send sex tapes and nude photos of the woman to her loved ones, according to charging documents.

Jan Rac actually sent the videos to more than one of the woman's loved ones, Penn Township Police said.

Jan Rac

He also threatened to kill his ex, and he drove more than 650 miles to York County to stalk the woman, documents allege.

The woman, whose name is being withheld by The York Dispatch, was sexually involved with Rac for 2½ years. Theirs was a long-distance relationship, during which she shared with him sexually explicit videos and photos "for him to view only," documents state.

But police maintain Rac used those racy images and tapes against her after she broke up with him earlier this year.

"When the victim told Rac that she wanted to end the relationship he became angry and unreasonable, threatening to commit suicide," charging documents state.

Rac maintains his innocence, according to his defense attorney, Jay Whittle.

The allegations: In September, Rac drove from Illinois to the woman's home and sat outside in his car for about three hours until she left for work, police allege. He then followed her to her job in Gettysburg while repeatedly texting her, "begging her to pull over," documents state.

Rac waited outside the woman's workplace for about two hours, and told her "he was not leaving until she met with him, even if that took days to accomplish," documents state.

The woman agreed to meet him in the parking lot, where he told her he was going to post an explicit video of her on — which is a free porn video-sharing website — and send the videos to her mother and ex-husband unless she gave him $5,000 cash for each video he had, documents allege.

"(Rac) told the victim that the lost $20,000 during their almost three year relationship and wants (to be) paid back in cash," according to documents. "(Rac) told the victim that he was going to kill her for ruining three years of his life."

He also at some point threatened to hurt her family members, then sent her photos of those loved ones, documents allege.

Videos sent: On Sept. 27, one of the woman's friends received one of the sex videos and five nude photos of the alleged victim through Facebook's instant-messenger app, according to documents, which is when the victim called police.

And police said others received videos of the victim as well.

Rac, 36, of 7844 S. Lavergne Ave. in Burbank, was charged with extortion, unlawful dissemination of intimate images, stalking and making terroristic threats.

On Oct. 12, his bail was set at $75,000, which he posted, according to court records. But his bail was revoked on Nov. 25 and he was locked up in York County Prison.

Kyle King, spokesman for the York County District Attorney's Office, said Rac's bail was revoked because he tried to contact his ex-girlfriend, which violated his bail conditions.

Rac appeared in York County Court on Tuesday, where his $75,000 bail was reinstated, according to Whittle.

Rac disputes allegations that he violated his bail conditions, Whittle confirmed.

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