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House GOP’s interim budget plan draws veto threat

Associated Press

HARRISBURG — Gov. Tom Wolf is threatening to veto a short-term emergency spending package being advanced by Pennsylvania’s House GOP majority as a state government budget stalemate is close to smashing the state record and plowing past Christmas.

Tom Wolf

The Democratic governor’s threat Monday comes after most rank-and-file Republicans rejected crucial pieces of a bipartisan budget deal to raise taxes to increase public school aid and narrow a deficit.

Along with Illinois, Pennsylvania is one of just two states still fighting over a budget for the fiscal year that began July 1.

House Republicans say the spending plan is an 11-month version of the no-new-taxes, $30.2 billion budget bill that Wolf vetoed in June. Wolf criticized it then as shortchanging public schools and using gimmicks to balance.

State tax collections aren’t currently enough to pay a full year of bills.