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Manchester Twp. neighborhood evacuated after leak

Sean Philip Cotter

Emergency personnel evacuated a section of a Manchester Township street Wednesday afternoon after a gas pipe ruptured, leaking fumes into the air.

Crews were dispatched to the 2700 block of Woodmont Drive shortly before 12:30 p.m.; they quickly closed the road and evacuated residents, according to York County 911.

Columbia Gas workers were called to the scene to shut off the leak. By about 3 p.m., crews were opening the roads back up, according to emergency transmissions.

Kerry Adkins lives on the block but hadn’t evacuated. She said she’d awakened from a nap to the sound of a firefighters knocking on her front door. There was a major gas leak, they told her, and they were suggesting that people leave the area for the time being.

She opted to stay around. After all, the firefighters weren’t wearing masks or anything, she reasoned, so things couldn’t be that bad.

“If no one’s running, we’re probably not in any imminent danger,” she said.

The block reeked of natural gas, and the hiss of the leak was easily audible a couple hundred feet away. Adkins stood outside and watched the various emergency personnel and utility workers buzzing around the leak, which was next to a backhoe, before deciding she’d been out there long enough.

“I’m gonna go back in and shut my door,” she said, before doing so.

Adkins, who has children in Central York schools, said around 1 p.m. that she was worried about what would happen when they tried to bus the kids home from their respective schools.

Central York School District addressed this in a post on its website, saying that because of the incident and the ensuing evacuation, parents who live on Harvest Drive, Hearthridge Lane, Woodmont Drive and Robin Hill Circle would have to come pick up the students from schools.

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