Coroner IDs woman found killed in York City Wednesday, releases cause of death

York City woman sentenced for assaulting ex

Christopher Dornblaser

A York City woman was sentenced on Friday to two years intensive probation for attempting to hit her estranged husband with her car in November 2014.

Lianna Johnson, 40, of 633 W. Locust St, will be under intensive probation with her first six months under house arrest.

She pleaded guilty to simple assault.

Johnson's husband called police shortly after 1 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014, saying that Johnson was kicking at the door of the place he was staying in near the intersection of Virginia and Ludlow avenues, documents state.

He later told police he'd then worried about his estranged wife damaging his car, so he went out to check, according to the documents.

His fears proved justified, as he found she had poured tile primer all over his Chrysler 300, getting some on the Mercedes-Benz behind it, the charging documents state. Johnson started chasing her ex on foot before getting back into her Subaru Legacy and trying to run him down, he told police. She chased him through a yard of a nearby house before he was able to get away, the documents state.

A police officer then arrived just in time to see Johnson wheel her car around in a circle and strike her husband's car, which was parked on the side of the road in the 900 block of Virginia Avenue, documents state.

She then accelerated, pushing his Chrysler with her own car, according to the documents.

After the officer flashed his lights and pulled her over, she got out of her car and started screaming profanities at her husband, the documents state. When the officer subsequently arrested Johnson, she admitted to intentionally ramming her husband's car, the documents state.

During the sentencing both the prosecution and the defense agreed with the recommended punishment from the pre-sentencing investigation. Lianna thanked Judge Maria Musti Cook for dropping the aggravated assault charges, to which she told her to thank the prosecution, which dropped the charges.

Her husband did not issue a statement during the proceedings.

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