Coroner IDs woman found killed in York City Wednesday, releases cause of death

LETTER: An apology from the York Newspaper Co.

Sara Glines
York Newspaper Co.

Dear Subscribers:

We are truly sorry.

The York Newspaper Co.'s recent conversion to a new subscriber computer database left some subscribers with incorrect bills, letters that could be confusing, and notifications of incorrect rates.

At the same time, we transitioned to a new customer service center with the goal of improving the customer experience. But, our timing was off. The customer service center was adding new staff to accommodate the addition of our newspaper and some were not familiar with our accounts and rates.


The result of all this was an increase in the number of calls and a resulting unacceptable response time for subscribers.

We are working on quickly correcting the issues so we can return to providing the satisfaction you expect and deserve.

I apologize on behalf of all of us here at The York Dispatch and The York Daily Record/Sunday News.

Sara Glines


York Newspaper Co.