Police: Drunk woman kicked male, female officers in groin

Sean Philip Cotter

Police say a drunk Conewago Township woman on Wednesday kicked both the male and a female officers trying to arrest her in their respective groins.

Sandra Ramsey, 40, of 18 Dietz Estates Drive, is charged with two counts of aggravated assault, one count of resisting arrest and one count of harassment, according to the criminal complaint filed against her.

Charging documents state that Northern York County Regional Police Officers Erika Eiker and Patrick McBreen responded to Ramsey's residence at 6 a.m. for reports Ramsey was punching her husband. When they arrived, they found Ramsey was drunk — she'd been "drinking all night," police say she told them.

Police say she was argumentative and wouldn't sit down, stop yelling and stay away from the other members of her family, so they cuffed her and tried to keep her on the couch.

Ramsey swore at Eiker, calling her names, and then kicked her in the groin, police say.

The officers restrained her and put her in the police cruiser, police say. But she got her cuffed hands around to her front, and then slipped out of the restraints, documents state.

.Police incident

That's when she kicked McBreen in the groin, documents state. Eventually, they got her back in handcuffs and in the cruiser, where she continued to struggle to get free, documents state

Ramsey told police she didn't punch her husband; he said she did, and one of their children said he heard something happen upstairs and the husband yell "Ouch." He declined medical treatment, police said.

Ramsey remains free on $25,000 bail, according to online court records. Her preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Jan. 5.

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