Hanover-area eagle cam likely to return next month

Jessica Schladebeck

York County's favorite family of reality stars may be back on the airwaves as early as next month.

No, its not the Kardashians — it's the Hanover eagle family whose popularity soared when the Pennsylvania Game Commission — with Codorus State Park and corporate sponsors, Comcast Business and HDOnTap — in January set up a wildlife camera that showed a livestream of the bald eagle nest overlooking Lake Marburg.

A team on Monday was working on getting the eagle cam up and running to re-start the feed, game commissioner spokesman Travis Lau said.

"I don't know what the reactions might have been if we didn't bring it back," Lau said. "The eagles have just been so incredibly popular."

Due to a crack in the tree — which often occurs where eagles nest due to their size — the team has nature working against them.

"We're keeping our fingers crossed," Lau said, adding that if everything falls into place, a stream could be up and running by the end of next month.

The family: While it is possible that the two baby eagles that hatched in March are still in the area, it is likely that they have since moved out of the nest, Lau said.

Once eagles fledge, or learn to fly, they leave the nests shortly after.

"When they first fledge, they will hang around maybe a few months because they're not quite self-sufficient yet," Lau said. "The parents still stay in the same area, but when the babies no longer need the safety of the nest, when they're ready to move on, they find a new range and begin the cycle on their own."

Within about five years, the baby eagles that grew up on livestream will be beginning families of their own, he said, and their parents will be up to more or less of the same thing.

"There won't be any big differences with the adult pair," he said. "They'll get the nest ready, they lay the eggs and the outcome of that is really anybody's guess."

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York County's famous eagle family