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Dallastown sidewalk project draws ire

For The York Dispatch

Some Dallastown residents are up upset they're being asked to foot the bill for a mandatory sidewalk project in front of their houses, along Main Street from Pleasant Avenue to Walnut Street.

Construction has already started, with the cost reaching hundreds of dollars for some property owners.

At a recent borough meeting, resident Jay Shewell said he and his neighbors think it's unfair they must pay while other Dallastown residents have not had to pay for the same work.

Borough president Ronald Smith said the state provides grants for municipal construction and improvement, but the borough is unable to control how those grants are distributed.

He said the state allocates grant money to specific projects, and the borough can't help if the state doesn't direct money to the desired project.

Residents continued to argue the unfairness, with one woman storming from the meeting with an unpleasant hand gesture, to which Smith responded, “I hope that was the better half of a peace sign.”

Manager Connie Stokes said she sent a letter informing residents of the sidewalk project in June 2014. They were given until July of 2016 to find a contractor and funds for the project. Stokes said “it is up to them” in regards to what contractor residents hire to construct the sidewalks.

She also sent informational papers regarding funding for residents who are unable to pay for the construction outright, Stokes said.