York County breaks write-in election ties

Greg Gross
  • 30 races were decided by drawing lots
  • Most candidates involved in the tie breaking received just one write-in vote
  • The election board certified all election results

The 2015 municipal election is officially over. The York County election board on Monday certified all election results and broke a few tied races through the age-old method of drawing lots from the famed Utz potato chip can.

The can, wrapped in newspaper articles written about it, decided 30 races in which write-in candidates received an equal number of votes. A large majority of the candidates received just one write-in vote each.

The method of choosing the winner was simple: Tom Hoover, an election board member, pulled small pieces of paper with numbers printed on them and whichever candidate had the highest number won the election.

In the tied race for a two-year term on the Jefferson council, Hoover pulled number 375 when Daniel Kauffman's name was called then number 482 for Zack Thoman. Thoman won because he had the highest number. During the election, each man received just one write-in vote.

"It's the old fashion method," Robb Green, the county controller who also served on the election board, said after the meeting.

Races: Numerous undecided races, such as for constable and auditor, are considered by voters as being minor races and rarely, if ever, receive much attention.

Noting Franklintown where two write-in candidates for tax collector received just one vote each on Election Day, Green said the positions are hugely important. The same scenario played out in the race for tax collector in nearby Wellsville.

"If you think about it, they are the ones handling all the (tax) money coming in for the borough and the school district," he said.

Normally county commissioners sit on the election board but since their positions were on the ballot this year, alternates had to be name. Hoover and Green were joined by York City Mayor Kim Bracey on the board. Bracey was absent from Monday's meeting.

Turn out for the municipal election reach just under 21 percent, according to the county elections office. That means only 56,074 of 270,366 registered voters cast votes in the election.

Winners decided on Monday will receive election certificates in the mail, said Nikki Suchanic, head of the county's elections office.

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Write in tie-breaker winners

Here's a look at the tied races that were decided on Monday, as well as the write-in candidates who won:

  • Northeastern school director (four-year term): Tyler Kramlick
  • Chanceford Township constable (six-year term): Joshua Tate
  • Fairview Township auditor (four-year term): Ryan Tilley
  • Fawn Township auditor (four-year term): Denise Hoppes
  • Fawn Township auditor (two-year term): Kevin Clark
  • Heidelberg Township auditor (four-year term): Deborah Pfeifer
  • Heidelberg Township auditor (two-year term): Dan Hollinger
  • Jackson Township auditor (two-year term): Frank Baker
  • Manchester Township auditor (six-year term): Tabitha Eimerbrink
  • Monaghan Township constable (six-year term): Ronald Hoffman
  • Peach Bottom Township auditor (two-year term): Valerie Simon
  • Penn Township constable (six-year term): David Deithorn
  • Newberry Township auditor (six-year term): Nathan Keiter
  • North Codorus Township auditor (six-year term): Matt Miziorko
  • Washington Township auditor (six-year term): Rachel Replogle
  • West Manheim Township auditor (six-year term): Dan Slatzgiver
  • West Manheim Township auditor (two-year term): Edward Weed
  • Dover Borough auditor (four-year term): Robert Snelbecker
  • Franklintown tax collector (two-year term): Scott Miller
  • Franklintown constable (six-year term): Donald Karns
  • Jefferson council (two-year term): Zack Thoman
  • Mount Wolf auditor (four-year term): David Dulansey
  • Seven Valleys constable (six-year term): Nichole Ramer
  • Wellsville tax collector (two-year term): Amanda Newcomer
  • Winterstown constable (six-year term): Nickolas McCoy
  • Wrightsville ward 2 constable (six-year term): William McGinnis
  • York Haven constable (six-year term): Mark Wetzel
  • York City ward 1 constable (six-year term): James Rountrey
  • York City ward 7 constable (six-year term): John Bruce
  • York City ward 11 constable (six-year term): Jeff Kirkland