Police: Teen prank behind carcasses by Pa. teachers’ picket line

The Associated Press

CANONSBURG, Pa. — Four teenagers enjoying a prank are apparently the culprits who left animal carcasses, including a painted deer, near the picket line of striking teachers in a western Pennsylvania school district.

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Peters Township police said Friday that the boys, all 16 or 17, are remorseful, but probably facing charges and a fine.

The last animal found, on Tuesday, was a deer spray-painted blue with the teachers’ union initials.

Peters Township teachers have been striking since Oct. 28.

Police say the boys thought it was funny when someone threw a dead squirrel at picketing teachers from a passing vehicle and decided to escalate it as a prank. They then left raccoons, squirrels and two deer along the picket line for teachers to find.

Teachers had suggested it was an intimidation tactic.