Red Lion father/son with viral selfie appearing on TV show

Jessica Schladebeck
This selfie went viral on Twitter, gaining the two a spot on the Steve Harvey talk show.

A Red Lion father and son, courtesy of good looks that apparently run in the family, earned an appearance on “Steve Harvey” after a selfie they posted went viral.
Correll Stanfield last month posted the image — a casual mirror selfie of himself and his father, Billy Stanfield, standing together in dark T-shirts — to Twitter with the caption: “Pops, he looks more like my brother, this man’s 46 years old.”
The snapshot of the duo was met with thousands of comments, and on Monday had nearly 19,000 retweets, more than 25,000 likes and 2 million views from people all over the world.
The photo captures the tight bond the two share, though Billy discussed with talk show host Steve Harvey the mistakes that once prevented him from being the best father he could be. 
He told Harvey that he once was a drug dealer and spent five years in jail, but he has since sought to correct the mistakes of his past. He is now a pastor and runs a mentoring program in Baltimore while working hard to raise his kids, especially his 20-year-old son.
The episode turned light-hearted when Harvey and Billy Stanfield worked to set Correll Stanfield up on a date with one of two women selected by Harvey.
Tune into NBC at 3 p.m. Tuesday to catch the Stanfields’ episode.

A Red Lion father and son will appear on the Steve Harvey TV show Tuesday afternoon.