York City garage fire caused by unattended wood stove


At around 4:45 p.m. on Wednesday, firefighters worked as smoke poured out of the busted-open door and windows of a large garage in the 500 block of West Clarke Avenue, York City.

"They've got it pretty much contained. It looks like the fire was up high," York City Fire Chief David Michaels said.

The call for the fire came in at 4:17, he said, and firefighters were able to respond quickly and rapidly put the fire out.

The fire did not spread beyond the garage and looked to have affected the structure minimally, Michaels said.

The owner of the garage "had his wood stove going earlier in the day," the fire chief said after the smoke cleared and firefighters were able to investigate the cause.

The owner left, and the fire's embers escaped through a crack in the flue pipe, he said. The fire probably resulted from stray embers igniting wood near the flue pipe.

The garage presented a challenge because it was a small space, really a combination of three structures. It was used as a welding shop, Michaels said, and the owner does not live in the house near it, which is on a separate piece of property.

It was a challenge getting in, Michaels said, because the place was well-secured. The owner provided a key to one door and firefighters forced their way through another.

Once firefighters got into the building, they were presented with a "maze" — the owner's many possessions made it hard to get around, he said.

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