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Witness recounts Glen Rock police dragging


A set of tire tracks start suddenly in the middle of the bridge that carries Hanover Street over the small branch of the Codorus Creek that bisects the borough of Glen Rock.

The tracks continue a short way across the short bridge, leading to a mosaic of green and orange police spray-paint markings on the pavement.

Shortly before noon Wednesday, Melanie Rowe sat nearby atop a small brick wall, watching the world go by where about 18 hours earlier she'd witnessed Southern Regional Police Officer Mike Storeman suffer injuries as he was dragged 50 yards down the street by people in a car.

Rowe works at the Wetzel's CS Convenience Store at the corner of Main and Water streets, where the incident started. She said employees there called police after a dark car with people in it had been parked outside the store for quite a long time.

An officer showed up a short time later, but by that time the car had moved around the corner, halfway down the two blocks Water Street runs, and had pulled up near a Laundromat, she said. The employees directed Storeman around the corner to the still-suspicious vehicle, a Toyota now parked on the eastern side of the bridge over the creek.

Rowe said she and a co-worker came around the side of the store and watched Storeman approach the car. She said he came up to the passenger side and reached in — and then couldn't get his arm out as the car accelerated away southwest on Water Street.

Southern Regional Police Chief James Boddington said the passenger grabbed and held onto Storeman's arm as the car took off.

Rowe said Storeman stayed on his feet for a little while alongside the car, but couldn't keep up as it accelerated.

"(The officer) was running, and then he rolled" over and was dragged along the road, she said. "They drug him down the street."

They dragged him for about 50 yards, Boddington said, adding Storeman suffered a serious ankle injury and bruises, but will be OK.

A half block away down on Main Street, the staff of the Hufnagel Public Library of Glen Rock didn't hear or see any part of the initial incident, but they quickly realized something notable had happened.

Director Jeanne Smith said sirens wailed and lights flashed all around the area around 5 p.m. and for a while later.

"It was swarmed with police," she said. "You could tell they were looking for someone because the just kept going back and forth."

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